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Why Corporate Video Production Is Right For YOU!

Your corporate image is one of your most important assets and video can say much more than mere words or images could ever hope to do. As such, the video construction is vital; it needs to reach the right people with the right message in the right way.

You need a company that can deliver a high quality product on time, that will reflect the ethos and foundation of your business. Video content is becoming one of the most valuable online marketing assets and you can count on BiznizTV to help you take advantage of it.


Of marketers use video for online marketing, sales, or communication.


Of all internet traffic in 2017 will very likely be video.


Of online viewers will watch more than 3/4 of a video.


Of marketing professionals name video as having the best ROI.

Corporate Video Production Is Important For Businesses

Corporate video production is important for your business because of what you want to achieve from using video. Video has huge potential for any business, including yours, because it has the ability to describe not only what your business does, but how you do it. A professionally produced video will enable you to show your potential customers the full range of services that you offer, in a very engaging and effective way.

So for example, it’s not just a simple ‘we build houses’ it’s more of a ‘we build houses, we do kitchens, we do extensions, we build walls’ and so on, things that your customers might not even know your business does. Or to put it another way, employing a corporate video production company will enable you to offer that information to prospective customers in a simple and effective way, to let them know the full range of services that your business offers, and of course, to actually get more business from it!

Corporate video production

Video just keeps on growing

We think video is only going to get more popular as time goes on. The move is towards more video, not less. It’s not going anywhere for a long time.

Corporate video production company

Video is more effective than words

A video will do a better job at marketing your products and services than a thousand words. Your customers want to see what you can do for them, not read about it.

Corporate video production service

Video creates a relationship

Through video, your customers connect with you on a personal level, no matter where you are in the world. Video helps build relationships with your customers.

Here Are Just A Few Reasons You Should Work With Us, There Are Plenty More!

  • We are experts at video production

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  • It’s essential that video is part of your marketing plan

  • You need a professional video

  • We help you market your video

  • We work locally, nationally, and internationally

  • We can cater for all your video needs

  • We provide a high quality service

  • You know you’re in good hands with BiznizTV on the job!

Why a corporate video is more effective than other forms of online marketing and promotion

In terms of effectiveness and return on investment, corporate video is perhaps the best way of marketing and promotion. Let’s compare it to a simple website. You land on a website and you’re hit with a load of text. How likely are you to sit there and actually go through it? Wouldn’t you rather be shown a great photo or watch a video and be told a really good story? Which do you think you’re more likely to remember?

It’s like when you remember a song from years ago, it just sticks in your mind. But if you’d only read the words of the song you would never have remembered it. And video is the same, it’s crucial for creating that connection in the mind of your customer.

The best corporate video production company

How a corporate video production service fits into your marketing plan

As a business owner you probably appreciate the value of video more and more these days. Let’s face it, video is very popular, and most people understand how important it is as part of the marketing mix.

If we go back a few years, if a company had a brochure and you asked them if they wanted a website, they would probably have turned around and asked you why would they need one, they have their brochures. But these days, if a business doesn’t have a website they are at a distinct disadvantage in the modern day business line-up.

And that’s now becoming the case with video too. If you haven’t got a video on your site you’ll find people are asking why not. It’s such a great way of getting your message across so why wouldn’t you put a professional corporate video on the front of your website?

How corporate video production works

Before we begin creating a corporate video for your company, we first aim to fully understand exactly what you do, how you do it, and more importantly, find out your strengths and weaknesses. We need to know what makes you different. So the first thing we’ve got to do is fully understand what you do, and how the video is going to be part of your marketing plan and how best we can develop a video for you that isn’t just a video.

A well produced corporate video is really going to give your business an edge, and deliver a great return on your investment. That return on your investment is part of the full corporate video production service.

An example of our corporate video production service

Why a professional corporate video production service is better than doing it yourself

Many people ask why a professionally produced corporate video is better than one they could produce themselves. Let’s not kid ourselves, people can go out and buy a camera and create their own video. That’s not a problem at all.

In the same way, I can go out and build an extension on my house. Yes, it will be functional, it will keep the rain off my head, and it might even be warm in winter! But it isn’t going to be a professional looking extension, it’s unlikely to add much value to my house, and at the end of the day, it’s probably not going to be something that I am immensely proud of. If I wanted an extension that added real value to my house, that I was proud of, the right thing would be to employ a professional to build it.

It’s the same with video. If you put your corporate video production into the hands of a company that specialises in it, one that will exercise the necessary care and attention, a company that has developed and bought the right amount and type of professional video equipment, that sees the market trends of how video is going and what it is possible to do with video, then you’ll quickly realise that there’s so much more to a corporate video than just pointing a camera at someone and pressing the record button!

For example, it’s being able to have more than one camera angle so that you’re able to swap and change the shot, and add audio edits so that the sound adds to the quality of the video. You need the right microphones to make sure the sound quality is very high. If you have bad background noise you need the right software to get rid of that. You might also need special effects such as digital overlays, transitions, and light adjustments. As professionals there is so much that we can do for you, that you couldn’t do yourself.

The video production process

When we visit you to film the video, we’ve usually already had the pre-meeting so we understand your business and what you do. We’ve also had a think about the things that we believe are going to excite your customers and keep them interested in the video all the way through to the end. And this isn’t affected by what business you’re in.

Corporate video production in LondonWe’ve done corporate videos for solicitors and accountants, which many people think are inherently boring subjects. In fact, we’ve even had solicitors and accountants admit that themselves! An important part of the whole corporate video production service is that we create and develop a storyline that really makes the video pop, regardless of the subject, so that it keeps the viewer interested, and more importantly encourages them to want to buy. After all, that’s what every business owner is looking to do through their marketing efforts.

So when we put together a video production plan, the first thing we do is understand your business, what you do, and how you do it.

After that we look for shots and footage that are going to be really interesting and exciting for the viewer to watch, while also being able to match it in with your branding and how your company wants to be portrayed through the video. Branding is something we place great importance on and we actively develop it in partnership with you as we go through the video creation process.

A corporate video can normally be produced within a week but that does depend on how long the video is and whether it contains animations. If we are filming the video we’ll usually film it in one day and then it will take us three to four days to edit it up and get it ready for delivery.

For animation videos it usually takes us one full day to script it out, storyboard it, and then start building it. It’s probably another week for that so for the full process we are typically looking at between seven and ten days from start to finish, for the complete corporate video production service.

Corporate Video Delivery

The finished corporate videos are delivered to you in whichever format you prefer. It’s common for us to deliver videos through YouTube. This makes it easy for us to upload the video and send you the link. It also makes it very easy for you to use the videos on your website. YouTube is user friendly, and of course owned by Google, so there are a lot of advantages to delivering and storing the video on YouTube.

We can also deliver it in any other format you need, whether that’s on another video serving platform such as Vimeo or any of the other different video delivery sites that are out there. And of course you can have it in a digital format and sent over either via email or on a disk.

Making the best use of your corporate video

Your finished video can be used in so many different ways, putting it on your website is only the beginning. You can put it in an email so that when you are sending a quotation out to any of your clients you can see what they are doing when they click to view it, whether they post it to their social media sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter. You can take it with you on an iPad so when you are at a networking event you can show it to prospects. You’re really only limited by your imagination.

Many of our own customers are new in business and we ask them why they want a website first. We often say get a video first because it’s easier and quicker, then you can build your website on the back of the video. That’s the way that the market is going.

The popularity of video

If you look at anyone’s feed on Facebook you’ll see there are always videos on there. If a person hits a website after a search, they are always going to watch a video if there is one. How many people do you know that visit YouTube to search for something, whether it’s how to fit my new kitchen, or how to repair my car? Who doesn’t want to watch a video of a potential holiday destination before booking?

And what’s great is that you can now stream any video straight onto your television at home. There’s no need to feel limited to an iPad or a phone, you can just screen-cast straight onto your television and that’s such great way of watching video. So we think video is only going to get more popular as time goes on. It’s definitely not going anywhere for a long time.

We can help you market, share and publicise your corporate video

As part of our service, we don’t just give you great video, we also give you a real marketing tool. We share and help promote your videos across all our social media outlets, including Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Our Twitter account alone has over 10,000 followers, and these are people we do business with, quality leads, people that are ready to buy.

We serve local and national clients

BiznizTV don’t just serve local clients any longer. We’ve grown! We still serve local businesses, but now we also serve national and international clients, as far away as Dubai. We work anywhere there is a demand for professional video production. That could be across the street in Hull, or across the globe. We go where the work is. We have a lot of business in Hull because that’s where we are based, but we’re building a strong presence in other parts of Yorkshire, Manchester, and London.

The Types Of Corporate Video We Offer: Decision, Decisions, Decisions

BiznizTV offer quite a few different types of corporate video including the standard video that people are familiar with, personalised videos, animation videos, kinetic videos which is moving words and images to music. Kinetic videos are incredibly impactful and promote a really strong message. We also include aerial shots with our flying drone cameras.

The difference between these types of videos depends on the type of the company that we are working with. It’s to do with your brand, the image you want to portray, and also your message. Different videos tend to work better in different situations.

For example, if you’re at an exhibition you obviously don’t need audio because there’s enough noise about and it just wouldn’t be heard. In that situation an animation video or kinetic video is typical of what you see and what you’d expect. It would be the same for a bar or a shopping centre, you will see the kinetic and animated videos there.

In addition, the style often depends on the message that you want to send out. If you are a solicitor then your message will be different than one from a fashion designer, and the style of video will reflect that. Regardless of what kind of company you have, your video has to be engaging so we always include your unique selling points and matching those up with the style.

It’s our job to make your business interesting and engaging for whoever is going to watch your video. That’s why we need so many different styles and types of video, so that we can help you engage with clients and customers. It’s our job to do that. We use the various styles of video to make each one personal and unique. No two videos are ever the same, nor should they be because every client is individual, and has an individual message.

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TV Advertising

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The Best Reason To Have A Corporate Video

The best reason you should have a corporate video is that you can connect anywhere with anyone, no matter where they are in the world. Everyone can see your business and understand the details of what you do and how you do it.

Not only that, but your customers can connect with the people who work at your company, which makes them feel like they’re getting a personal service, just because you are using video. Even the most formal business can be made more approachable when you have the right video. Video will make your customers feel as if they know you, which will encourage them to buy from you.

“I’m a happy customer!”

“The whole process was just clean, simple and very professional. I find it really interesting how they come in, understand our business and after filming come up with such a great video. I’m a happy customer.” – Neil Fisher (Airco)

We weren’t sure if video was going to work for us but after BiznizTV had produced us our first video we were surprised how many of our existing customers didn’t realise what other services we offered and started using us more.
Alex Hall, Halltech
We’ve had a few standard video’s from the team at BiznizTV but decided we’d like to try an animation. We agreed a script and then just let the guys do their stuff. When we received our animation it just blew me away. After posting it on our social media for just one day (honestly) we got 2 orders in from it! Anyone who’s not using video on their site needs to get on it!
Duncan Garwell, Parrot Driver Training
Love the video and loved working with the guys. They’re relaxed, organised and truly know their art. On top of the video they helped us with our marketing including showing us how best to use our video with social media, monthly newsletters and even quotations. Brilliant!
Ray Nolan, Harlequin Office Furniture

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